Dear Madam or Sir,

Olympic Therapeutics AG is one of the currently most interesting medical start-ups to fight dangerous fungal diseases. To get the business plan financed, the company is on the way to be one of the first companies to offer an innovative ILO (Initial Licence Offering) at ILOCX.


What is an ILO?

Initial licence offerings, also known as ILOs are a revenue-based form of raising money for seed stage and startup stage firms. Different from equity crowdfunding in that the transaction is not considered an investment, but a licence sale, ILOs are available to companies in every country, sector and stage.

The ILO is a straightforward intellectual property and distribution rights licence that expires after an agreed period of time, or is exchanged for cash under a buy back or for equity dependent upon the offering.

The company needs to show it has a product, technology or service which can be explosive in a tech and social market. This should be supported by market stats to show the potential for the product and financials/forecasts which demonstrate that the more ILO holders, the more value is created in the company.


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ILO – the new way of financing